The Classic Plan

A collection of our most popular arrangements!

You will receive a Glass Vase with the first delivery of your classic subscription so you will be able to display each fresh bouquet without hassle.

The Luxe Plan

Modern & elegant designer bouquets that are paired with a curated vase in each delivery. This subscription plan also includes bouquets with premium flowers.

Gift me plan Plan

You can gift someone dear, a luxurious bouquet that will be delivered for her every first of the month. How sweet and convenient is that. Your Bouquet will be delivered in a vase.

Forget-Me-Not plan

Are you a busy person, are you always trying to catch up with your to do list, do u tend to forget your loved ones special days. Not anymore. We will remember you. Sign up to 6 occasions a year and on the day we will make sure to deliver it to you so you can show up with full arms.

Can I pick the bouquet?

While you’re not able to choose a specific bouquet for each order, we will select what’s freshest on the delivery date. Every arrangement is designed to create an on-trend look you won’t find anywhere else! Depending on your plan, you will always receive a bouquet valued more than the cost of your subscription plan. 

For weekly subscriptions with more than 3 deliveries, some bouquets may repeat.

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