Indoor Plants







200.00 AED
brighten up - white lilies houseplant
Brighten Up
300.00 AED
Money Tree
400.00 AED
300.00 AED
400.00 AED
zebra love - zebra cactus plant
Zebra Love
180.00 AED
280.00 AED
Rainbow - Kalanchoe Plant Basket
250.00 AED
yellow rosa
Yellow Rosa
150.00 AED
rose flower box
400.00 AED
Exotica 2 - Areca Palm Plant
Exotica 2
390.00 AED
tropica plants
400.00 AED
Desert kiss - Kentia Palm Plant
Desert Kiss
430.00 AED
cosy nest plant
Cosy Nest
250.00 AED

Best Indoor Plants in Dubai, UAE

Are you looking for Indoor Plants in the UAE to decorate your home or a gift for your loved ones during festivals and special occasions? If yes, then Flowerista is a popular Indoor plant shop in Dubai where you can order all types of Indoor Plants like flowering plants, money plants, terrarium plants, and pot gardens. Browse our amazing collection of Lucky Bamboo Plant, Bonsai Plant, Jade Plant, Money Plant, Dish Garden, and Leafy Plants in Dubai and order online for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and home events for your loved ones. 

With the help of Express Same Day, Next Day Delivery, you can enjoy hassle-free Indoor plant delivery service to your loved one’s doorstep in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Fujairah. These thoughtful gifts will brighten their day and add more joy to their celebrations. So, place your order now and we will assist you with the timely factory delivery in Dubai.

Get Indoor Plants Online Delivery in Dubai

These plants are houseplants that are grown indoors in places such as homes and offices. Growing indoor plants is a great way to get closer to nature which has a positive psychological impact on mental health as well. Jade plant, money plant, peace lily plant, lucky bamboo, syngonium plant and spider plant are some of the most popular indoor plants to grow.

Just about everyone knows that Indoor plants are good for the environment. They help clean the air and keep us healthy, both physically and mentally. But what many people don’t know is that indoor plants can do all of those things, too!

Living in a city like Dubai, it can be tough to find plants that can thrive indoors. Not only do you need plants that don’t need a lot of sunlight, but you also need plants that can survive the dry, hot air. Here are some of the best plants to grow indoors in Dubai.

The snake plant is one of the best plants for indoor growth in Dubai. It is a succulent, which means it doesn’t need a lot of water, and it can thrive in indirect sunlight. The snake plant is also known for its air-purifying properties, making it a great choice for Indoor.

What are the benefits of Indoor plants?

Indoor plants not only improve air quality but they also improve mental health by reducing stress levels and improving moods. In fact, studies have shown that just having plants in the office can increase productivity by up to 15 percent! So if you’re looking

Why are Indoor plants important?

Indoor plants play an important role in improving air quality. They act as natural air filters, removing toxins from the air and replacing them with fresh oxygen. This is especially important in cities like Dubai, where the air quality can be quite poor.

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